Retirement Calculator

As you grow in age, a few questions may possibly weigh heavier in your mind than ever before:

“Do I have enough to retire, and if not, how much should I save in order to have enough?”

These questions can be answered when utilizing the American Advisors Group Retirement Calculator. This tool needs just a few pieces of information to calculate when you’ll be financially ready for retirement. Simply input:

· Your current age
· Your desired retirement age
· The amount you have saved so far
· Your current income
· And your current savings rate

With this tool, you can figure out if you have enough to retire, or the amount of money you’ll need in order to have enough. Once you know this information, you may have a clearer understanding of the financial goals you should set in order to retire on your terms.

Interested in how your home equity and a reverse mortgage might help you financially reach your retirement goals? Try our free reverse mortgage calculator that can determine your eligibility and the amount you may quality for, or speak with an AAG reverse mortgage professional at 1-888-998-3147.

Do I Have Enough to Retire?

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