RM Fears are Unfounded, says Borrower

Robin Mile, a recent reverse mortgage borrower, says that he was initially resistant to the loan, but so far all previous fears have proven unfounded.

“It was salvation for me,” the 70-year-old Pikesville, Md., resident said to the NY Daily News. “I just wish that more seniors weren’t so afraid of it.”

Recent changes in reverse mortgage loans mean that it is now cheaper and safer to do. Reverse mortgages can provide flexibility and security to many seniors in need.

Customer Experiences with Reverse Mortgages

Today, my husband and I are retired and enjoying life after many years of hard work. Thank you AAG for providing us with a more comfortable retirement.
– Maurine L. – Oregon

Getting a Reverse Mortgage was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. The peace of mind and flexibility the Reverse Mortgage offered me is immeasurable….
– Danny W. – Washington

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