Memories from the 1960’s

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“Coming home from school to find my dog had her puppies in my bed.  Best memory ever <3” – Mary C.

“Having my first nighttime house party.  Man, talk about great, clean fun.” – Maythelyn P.

“Watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show…” – Marianne J.

“Watching Neil Armstrong step on the moon, and watching it on a big screen color TV years before big screens came out.  We had it for 3 days…” – Edward P.

“My favorite memory is the day my sister was born…” – Carol Ann W.

“Going to San Francisco with a group of kids my age.” – Patricia L.

“I came home, changed, ate, called the friends, and we came home when the street lights did!  No hassles from parents and it was heavenly!” – Caroline Milum S.

“First concert: the Supremes in Atlantic City on Steel Pier.” – Carol R.

“Watching a drive-in movie bundled up on the roof of my big sister’s station wagon!” – Lisa Watson J.

“Watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. My sister took pictures of them on TV.  Talk about Beatlemania!” – Colleen J-R.

“Bell bottoms & hot pants!” – Carolyn K.

“Meeting the man that was going to become my husband.” – Connie R.

“The clothes, ice skating on the lakes in Minnesota.” – Melinda W.

“Swinging on a rope swing over the bayou and letting go!” – Elicia H.

“My first niece Daphne was born in 1964.  I was 7 years old and I felt like I had a new little sister.  I love her so much.” – Susan Ragsdale P.

“The music, Jimmy and Janice.” – Kathy C-D

“My brother Roger was born!” – Debbie I-G.

“Playing ‘capture the flag’ in the woods (that’s now gone for an apartment complex) with all the other neighborhood kids in the area…” – Scott L.

“I got to be the flower girl in my sister’s wedding!!” – Debra L.

“Beatles on Ed Sullivan.” – Nancy S.

“Learn how to drive my boyfriend’s car, stick shift.  I didn’t have a license and wasn’t old enough to drive.  But I sure had a blast.  Great memory.” – Kathy L.

“Going to the local ice cream shop with the family and dancing to the juke box.” – Cathy Libby M.

“Going to the Beatles concert at the Hollywood bowl.” – Audra M.

“Elvis movies.” – Donna M. B.

“Going to the Worlds Fair!  Seeing so many futuristic amazing things.  Seeing how I would look as a blonde in the Clairol exhibit, the carousel of progress, the uni sphere – everything.  And, all the international foods – Polynesian fried puffs with a sweet syrup, and the best authentic Belgian waffles coveted with whipped cream and strawberries. Yum!  One more thing – go-go boots!” – Marian Giorlando C.
“At 9 years old sitting in front of the TV watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. Fantastic time…” – Glenda D.

“Elvis on Ed Sullivan show and The Temptations.” – Linda R.

“The music I like from the 60’s and having a color TV.” – Debra I.

“My last birthday party before my Mom died from a car crash.  She got me my first 2 wheel bicycle with chrome fenders and a headlight.  It was turquoise blue with white side wall tires, beautiful.  I was 8 years old and it was my last birthday party.” – Donna M.

“I can’t remember last night let alone 1960. LOL!” – Marquita K.

“Aluminum Christmas tree.” – Debra T.

“Watching Dean Martin Show with my Dad. – Jerri Carter F.

“I had a bad childhood, so I guess my favorite memory was in my bedroom, punished, but mimicking Lily Tomlin with the character Edith Ann.  I got pretty good at doing her voice and later in life made many people laugh with the humor.” – Becky Roxanne M.

“Going to Long Island in the summer and we would get up early to dig clams on the beach and later that night we would have a clambake!” – Veronica W.

“My favorite memory from the 60’s is that I lived through them!!!!!! And seeing my brothers come home from the war!!!!!” – Deborah G.
“Visited Memphis Tennessee with the youth girls and the pastor and his wife.  They took us to Graceland to visit Elvis Presley home.  I couldn’t believe they took us there but it was very exciting watching to see if just maybe we would see him riding on his horse or greeting us and I might just get a glimpse of him or his autograph.  I loved Elvis Presley.” – Belinda S.

“Sad memory, the first time I saw my dad cry, JFK’s assassination.” – Vicki T.

“Family gathering on Sundays.” – Ellestine W.
“I got 2 brothers 3 sisters and my new mom in the 60’s and she’s still my mom.  The Beetles, bell bottoms, hiphuggers, hot pants,  Elvis, Thanksgiving at Aunt Helen’s in Mooresville Indiana (RIP Aunt Helen), meeting my friend June and her sisters, meeting my friend Cheryl.  So many memories.” – Debbie B-B.

“My dad came home from his tour in Nam and took our family and Aunt Amy ‘s kids to the lake during 1969 for a whole week.” – Nianne Asback K.

“Camping at Clear Lake, California with dad, mom & 2 brothers!  We rode in the back of the pickup at night under blankets & stars.  When we set up camp, we fished & caught about 30 perch & blue gills!  We got sunburned & I got a fish hook in my foot!  It was still all good with my family!” – Shelley Kendall R.

“Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon.  Beach Movies they are best.  I also love beads.” – Joycie S.

“Mine was having my dad home from traveling overseas and when he would bring people home from different countries, and wishing I’d have more time with him.  He now has cancer and not long to live.” – Dianne Rachelle B-S.

“Don’t remember much of it, but one memory stands out.  My dad had this big cabinet with a record player in it, and he would have all his friends over, and play Elvis music real loud with all the windows open.  He always wore denim jeans, and rolled up the sleeves on his shirt, with a cigarette pack in it, even though he didn’t smoke.” – Susan Edwards B.

“My family getting together, my dad playing guitar and aunts singing. I miss that so much. Those were the days.” – Maria Payne S.

“My parents taking care of everything!” – Sue W-R.

“My best memory of the 60’s was having my twins Jenny and Julie.  As a mother it was the best experience ever.” – Linda E.

“I was too young to remember lol!” – Estella R.

“The muscle cars, the music, and a simpler way of life.” – Karla W.

“Playing kick-the-can late at night in the neighborhood.” – Lisa S.

“Valley of the dolls.” – Mjeanjulia W.

“Going to drive in movies with my family in the summer in Ohio. My brothers and I would put on our pajamas and usually fall asleep during the first movie. RC Cola and popcorn were a big treat!” – Jodi Rink S.

“Elvis, songs and movies.  The birth of my niece.  My first dog, a Shepherd named Elvis.  But it was also a sad time because I lost my mom in 1969. I was only 12.” – Susie D.
“Black and white glamour!.” – Sheila S.

“Wearing white go-go boots and doing the Jerk and the Pony with my girlfriends.  Those were the days, my friends!” – Jerri Carter F.

“Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, the Beatles,  JFK assassination, peace signs, tie-dye shirts, mini-skirts, boots, great movies, and shows like Mr. Ed and Lassie, Shirley Temple, all my mom and step-dad cooking, long time friends, over-night sleepovers at friends, black and white TV’s, record players with the ring in the middle, rotary telephones, coming in before the street lights came on, watching the news when they used to say, “Do you know where your children are?”, the old shows like ‘Hawaii 5-o’ and Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin and Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello and watching The Wizard of Oz with my mom.  They are memories I will keep forever.” – Carol S.

“Seeing Michael Jackson for the very first time on the Ed Sullivan show that was an amazing memory I’ll never forget R.I.P. Michael the world lost a great one.” – Billie S.

“The Sha Na Na concert at Milwaukee Co. Stadium!!!!!!” – Barbara M.

“Dirt track races with Grandpa.” – Anna J.

“I loved having the first color TV in the sixties.  The NBC Peacock with so bright and pretty and I remember I was like five and sat right in front of the TV and watched it.  I loved getting three cent cartons of milk for afternoon break at school.” – Julie Ann A-A.

“My best memory ever was being 1 of 2 students selected from my 4th grade class at Dacotah St. School to attend The Premiere of “The Jungle Book” in Hollywood’s Grumman’s Chinese Theater, never realizing that because I always turned in my homework, that I would be sitting in that theater with many famous actors.  I rode the bus so excited to take a special trip with my classmate and friend Cindy Blair.  That was almost 50 years ago, and I still remember it so well.  It is still a memory that brings me joy and makes me smile.” – Rachel R.

“I remember Woodstock.” – Kurt F.

“Well I was born in 1960, so world became a better place.  I guess I don’t have very many memories, other than having an awesome childhood!!” – Diane B.

“I was born in the early 50’s which means that I was a teenager throughout most of the 60’s.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, so I was part of the most turbulent decade of our times…” – Terry P.


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