Kwagala This Month: November 2014


TMIC - Nov 2014 - 1This month, American Advisors Group is happy to learn of an exciting new move for our girls at the two Kwagala houses! They will be moving both locations into one new spacious compound in Kampala, which will be able to accommodate Kwagala’s entire vocational training center and a new beauty school. There will be enough room to house over thirty girls.

This is a very exciting occasion for all the girls. With the new compound in Kampala comes more job opportunities once the girls graduate, as well as a chance for more “sisters,” since the girls of two locations will merge to continue their schooling together.

TMIC - Nov 2014 - 2Although the move to the new location will happen very soon, the launch of the new vocational school, aptly named “Free Thereafter,” is set to take place in early 2015. This vocational school will offer accredited job training and skills courses in 6, 12, and 18 month programs. The girls will emerge with a certificate of completion to show for all their hard work.

All courses will have professional instruction, but what is most exciting is the possibility that Kwagala’s own graduates may return to instruct some of the courses themselves! With everything they have learned and all the skills they have attained, they are more than capable of doing so and have the desire to help other girls as they have been helped. Not only would they be excellent instructors, but they can reach their students on the same level, as they themselves have gone through the same types of ordeals and understand all the difficulties of recovering from the kind of experiences these girls have had. And, to add icing to the cake, they will earn respectable salaries to further empower their sense of financial sustainability.

We at American Advisors Group are very excited for our girls of Kwagala and all the good things that lie ahead for them.


kwagala-logo2-1024x518ABOUT THE KWAGALA PROJECT
In 2011, American Advisors Group became inspired by an organization in Uganda dedicated to rescuing, restoring, and empowering women who have been victimized by trafficking, violence, and poverty. This organization is called the Kwagala Project. Since then, American Advisors Group has made the Kwagala Project the anchor program for our AAG Foundation campaign. Every month, American Advisors Group raises money through different fundraisers to help support the house in Gulu where the girls live. Together, American Advisors Group and the Kwagala Project give the girls an opportunity to invest in their future. In addition, American Advisors Group works closely with the Second Harvest Food Bank collecting goods for Food Drives.

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