Kwagala This Month: January 2015


KTM - Jan 2015 - 1This month, American Advisors Group learns about a special event our Kwagala girls experienced at the Ndere Cultural Centre. The girls enjoyed a three-hour interactive show by a world-renowned Ugandan dance troupe, a group that performs different dances and songs from the 30 different Ugandan tribes all over the East African region.

From each tribe in Uganda comes a special dance that is distinct to that tribe and a huge part of one’s identity. The girls have always loved to share this part of themselves, often spontaneously dancing amongst each other, showcasing their particular tribe’s dance.

This time, they were able to watch as an entire show was performed of the dozens of different songs and dances, while combined with a Ugandan comedian who hosted the show. Even one of our girls, Promise, was able to take the mic and exchange witty banter with the host comedian. Laughter rang out amongst the girls throughout the entire night.

KTM - Jan 2015 - 2At the end of the night, the last dance was performed. The familiar drumbeat of the Acholi dance from Gulu, where many of our girls are from, echoed across the Centre, and the girls jumped up, shouting and clapping along in excitement.

One of our girls, Lucy, couldn’t help herself! She ran onstage and danced along, just as well as if she were just one of the girls in the dance troupe. In the end everyone was on stage dancing their hearts out. They were all unified in song, dance, and happiness.

American Advisors Group believes experiences like these are what helps our girls rehabilitate from their past and grow towards their future, and we are so very proud and honored to be able support our Kwagala girls in experiencing happiness like this.


kwagala-logo2-1024x518ABOUT THE KWAGALA PROJECT
In 2011, American Advisors Group became inspired by an organization in Uganda dedicated to rescuing, restoring, and empowering women who have been victimized by trafficking, violence, and poverty. This organization is called the Kwagala Project. Since then, American Advisors Group has made the Kwagala Project the anchor program for our AAG Foundation campaign. Every month, American Advisors Group raises money through different fundraisers to help support the house in Gulu where the girls live. Together, American Advisors Group and the Kwagala Project give the girls an opportunity to invest in their future. In addition, American Advisors Group works closely with the Second Harvest Food Bank collecting goods for Food Drives.

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