Kwagala This Month: February 2015

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Kwagala This Month: June 2014

This month, American Advisors Group is happy to hear that the girls of the Kwagala Project in the African country of Uganda are settling nicely into their new home in Bwaise on the northwest side of Kampala.

Closets PicThe big move has been almost a whole year in the making, and the girls were filled with both excitement and a little bit of fear. Consolidating two Kwagala houses from Gulu (in north Uganda) and Kampala (in south Uganda) was no easy feat, but everyone involved came together to make the transition smooth. The new compound is beautiful and spacious, and they have a particularly exciting new amenity…closets!!

American Advisors Group is particularly impressed to hear what one of Kwagala’s strongest mentors and social workers, Joy, had to go through for this move. Joy was raised in a home for girls and, like them, she was overcoming a challenging past.

Joy PicUnbeknownst to anybody, Joy had a long-standing fear of rebels in the north. Being in Gulu would mean an ongoing internal struggle in her mind and heart, a struggle she would battle quietly. Yet, for the past year, when the members of Kwagala needed her to help in the transition from Gulu in the north to Bwaise in the south, she did not hesitate.

Her commitment to helping them make the move gave her the courage to stand up to her fear. She had to learn to put full trust and faith that she would not be put in harm’s way. Although her fear was strong, her commitment and determination were stronger. She went on to play a vital role in leading the Gulu house in the transition and assisting the rest of the Kwagala staff to consolidate smoothly as well.

When the Kwagala house welcomes a new group of housemates this year, Joy will be right there. She will be amongst the first smiling faces to welcome them and teach them everything she knows about overcoming fears and obstacles.


kwagala-logo2-1024x518ABOUT THE KWAGALA PROJECT

In 2011, American Advisors Group became inspired by an organization in Uganda dedicated to rescuing, restoring, and empowering women who have been victimized by trafficking, violence, and poverty. This organization is called the Kwagala Project. Since then, American Advisors Group has made the Kwagala Project the anchor program for our AAG Foundation campaign. Every month, American Advisors Group raises money through different fundraisers to help support the house in Gulu where the girls live. Together, American Advisors Group and the Kwagala Project give the girls an opportunity to invest in their future. In addition, American Advisors Group works closely with the Second Harvest Food Bank collecting goods for Food Drives.

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