Aging Stars in a New Role: TV Pitchman

Aging actors are among a growing group of celebrities embracing new roles pitching products to aging baby boomers. They are starring in TV and YouTube infomercials selling products that help seniors overcome the challenges of old age.

New York Times’ columnist, J. Peder Zane, describes the changing role of aging celebrities and how many of these aging celebrities have experienced a second wind in their career endorsing different medications and retirement products like reverse mortgages.

American Advisors Group, a reverse mortgage lender, decided to take the celebrity spokesperson route and chose their spokesperson through forming focus groups and showing participants pictures of aging stars like Burt Reynolds, Kenny Rogers, Wayne Rogers, Dick Van Patten and Frankie Valli. They were then asked a series of questions including:

  • Who would you like to have as a dinner guest?
  • Who do you think best represents your age group?
  • Who is the least trustworthy?
  • If you were considering a reverse mortgage, which celebrity’s endorsement would you believe the most?


In years prior, actor Peter Graves was affiliated with American Advisors Group in October 2009 as a spokesperson and host of their national television campaign. Mr. Graves’ award winning film and TV career spans half a century and encompasses over 133 titles according to IMDB with more than half-dozen series, several major mini-series and numerous movies-for-television. Mr. Graves starred in the classic Stalag 17 and the hilarious Airplane! among many others.

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