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Patrick Kerwin

AAG Sales Agent Patrick Kerwin

Patrick Kerwin

Plano, TX

Service Area: Texas

My Biography

Patrick is a Reverse Mortgage Professional with AAG. He considers a reverse mortgage loan a smart way for his customers to fund their retirement. Patrick has a reverse mortgage himself, so he can explain the features and advantages from your point of view. He’s also the host of the Reverse Mortgage radio show in Dallas on 570AM and 660AM, has a Wharton MBA in finance and has analyzed reverse mortgage loans and can show you the math to support your decision. He’s a 33-year business owner who has worked for IBM, Andersen Consulting (Accenture), General Motors, Health Care Now, and several start-up tech companies. Patrick is a 41-year Dallas resident and 36-year Highland Park resident who has been active in Rotary and YMCA.

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