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Tools for Financial Advisors

Tools for Financial Advisors

Whether you are looking to add new wealth management clients, or simply improve your client’s existing financial plans, American Advisors Group is here to help. Below are a number of free, comprehensive financial tools you can use to strategize, plan, measure risk, and engage new prospects. Click on any of the tools below to start.

Rethink Reverse Brochure


American Advisors Group (AAG) shares in your mission of putting the financial security of your customers first and can appreciate the hard work and attention to detail associated with balancing portfolio construction and risk management for long-term success. Life is not lived in the long-term. Considering the use of home equity in retirement planning is essential in balancing short-term concerns with long-term goals.

White Paper: The Boomer Effect


Over the next eight years, more than $18 trillion of wealth is projected to transfer from baby boomers to their adult children. While this equates to potential new business opportunities, a second study estimates that a whopping 95 percent of next-generation investors plan to fire their parent’s advisor when the transfer happens. To retain and grow business, the easiest way for advisors to secure heirs as clients is to begin serving them before the wealth transfer event happens.

About Reverse Mortgages


Reverse mortgages are loans specifically designed to help seniors tap into their home equity without the burden of paying a monthly mortgage payment, or having to move out of the comfort of their home. Also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), they have helped hundreds of thousands of seniors improve their retirement, and over the years they have become one of the safest mortgage products available.

White Paper: Standby Reverse Mortgages- A Risk Management Tool for Retirement Distributions


This study considers using an HECM Saver reverse mortgage as a risk management tool in conjunction with a two-bucket investment strategy, coined the standby reverse mortgage strategy (or SRM), in order to increase the probability a client will be able to meet predetermined retirement goals.

AAG Advantage Flyer


Access MORE with the AAG Advantage Reverse Mortgage. American Advisors Group’s (AAG’s) proprietary advantage loan may allow your clients to convert home equity into more loan proceeds than a traditional reverse mortgage – that’s the AAG Advantage!

Reverse Mortgage Calculator


As a financial professional, you may believe a reverse mortgage could help your client, but not know if they qualify for one. Or perhaps you simply want to simulate the loan amount your client may have access to in order to determine the overall financial impact. Use this calculator to find out how much your client may be eligible for.

White Paper: Retirement Trends and the Reverse Mortgage Market


This paper assesses the current and future challenges facing retirees and demonstrates how a reverse mortgage can be used to provide a supplemental source of retirement income. It also explains the potential impacts on current monetary policy and recent changes to the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program may have on the reverse mortgage market.